Address for the SMR/ELM QT:

900 Duncan Ranch Rd,

Chula Vista, CA 91914

Our QT Features Judges and Referees from various Organizations such as, Google, Microsoft, General Atomics, FBI, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sempra Energy,, Northrop Grumman, UCSD, Navy and more.

Our QT also invites organizations that feature our theme - Get ready for a Splashing fun time with companies that deal with our precious Water resource.

What is a Qualifying Tournament?

Once a team is formed and registered, they are encouraged to compete in a Qualifying Tournament (QT) where they will compete against other area teams. Top winning Teams  continue to compete at LEGOLAND for a regional championship. Top winning Teams at Legoland compete in the world championship. For further information, go to

This Year's theme is Hydro Dynamics and the Coaches Handbook can be found HERE.

Smart Mind Robotics Qualifying Tournament

Smart Mind Robotics will host 2 qualifying Tournaments this year in early November. Dates are November 11 and November 12, 2017. Our Eastlake/Smart QT will accept 16 teams for Saturday November 11 and 16 teams for Sunday November 12. 

REGISTRATION OPENS in SEPTEMBER and they will fill up fast.

This Year's theme is Hydro Dynamics and the Coaches Handbook can be found HERE.


Join Us

Even if your team does not sign up to our QT. Come join us and see what it's all about. After all it is FREE and you never know what surprises we'll have in store for our visitors.

What is our typical QT day?

The typical QT for Smart Mind Robotics event is as follows:

Teams arrive around 8am, get checked in and find their tables ready for them at the Pit Area.

8:30am - 9:00am is our opening Ceremony where we introduce our Judges and Referees

9:10am we start judging sessions. There is a Project Judging Session, Core Values and Robot Design. Each session is 10 min long.

We will also have TWO practice Robot Game sessions before the actual Robot game begins.

Our Robot Game begins at Noon and each team will participate 3 times in the Robot game and their highest score will be their final score.

Awards Ceremony begins a 2:30pm and we are done by 3pm. 

There will be plenty of time for lunch between the teams last judgng session and the start of the Robot Game. We will have a Taquero on hand to purchase food or you can certainly bring your own.


Advancing Teams


Each of our two day QTs will have 16 teams participating.

Each Day will have 4 total advancing Teams to the Southern California LEGOLAND Championship in December 2nd or 3rd.

2 Teams will advance for the Saturday Championship and 2 for the Sunday Championship.

In order to be considered to advance, teams  must score in the Top 75% in the Robot Game.

In order to be considered for the Champion Awards, teams must score in the top 40% in the robot Game.

We may also advance an additional alternate team if space allows.