Start or Join a



Start Your Own Team

All you need is the willingness of an adult to take on the role of coach. You do not need be an engineer or have any computer science or programming background. You will need to have patience and a good sense of time management. Obviously taking the role of a coach is at times challenging, but that is exactly what makes it worthwhile for all. Especially the children.

Send us a message below and let us know you are interested and we will get back to you right away. For further information, go to

This Year's theme is Animal Allies and the Coaches Handbook can be found HERE.

Become part of a Team

This part is a bit tougher because we will need to find a team close to you so that its easier to meet and practice as a team. Once we know you are interested, we will ask around for teams looking for new team members. Just remember, coaching is not as tough as it sounds if you have the time and you can always have assistant coaches and team moms/dads help with the team as well. 

Send us a note below with your information to get started.

This Year's theme is Animal Allies and the Coaches Handbook can be found HERE.

We May Be Able To Sponsor Your Team

Smart Mind Robotics will sponsor your team if you meet some basic criteria:

  • Must be a Rookie Team - First time competing
  • Must have a location where the team will practice 
  • Must have an adult (18+) as a coach
  • Must have a minimum of 5 team members and a maximum of 10

Contact us if you want to be a coach but no team.


We will provide the following:

  • Registration for the Team
  • Field Challenge Kit
  • Robotics Kit
  • T-Shirts for the Team
  • Mentoring as necessary
  • Material to build an FLL Table

Please E-mail us if you believe you can meet the above criteria.