FIRST LEGO League Coaching

First Time Coaches

If you have not volunteered for FIRST Robotics in the past, welcome!
HERE is a simple one page info about FIRST LEGO League. Pass this around to teammates and potential participants.
As a coach there's a screening you must go through to be a coach. This is the guide for the Volunteer Information
You will then create an account HERE.
Then register the team to get a temporary team # HERE - Do not pay for anything if you are expecting a GRANT! Otherwise go ahead and pay. This is a Video on how to Renew, Create and pay for a team. -
This is a link to a COACHING Flyer, should you want to pass it around to find a second coach.
Once you have a temp team #, you will get an actual Team # after you have paid. Everyone should know the actual Team # once you get it because you will need it at every turn.
As you wait for your Robot Kit and Challenge Kit to arrive try to do the following:
  • Sign up for coaches training at LEGOLAND on Sep 23. 8:30am - 5pm- Free for 1 person as part of the GRANT, if you received one. To Register Call 760-438- 5346 and tell them you received a GRANT to pay for this. Questions on Workshop E-mail Any problems let me know. 
  • Build a Table that will be used for the Mat and Challenge items. Instructions are here. But it is a simple 4'x8' sheet of plywood with 2"x3" used as a border.
  • Hopefully you now have a team of 5 to 10 kids and you should start talking about the Core Values of FIRST and this year's HydroDynamics Theme and The Project

Once you receive your Robot Kit and Challenge Kit Things get really moving

  • Have the kids begin building all the challenges and have one or two in charge of reading the set up guide and keeping an eye that they are followed.
  • Start building a simple Robot. If you are a Rookie team, there's no time to start from scratch on how to build a vehicle. The best thing to do is to use a guide to build one and concentrate on any attachments or modifications needed. Here are some samples you may use: Very Simple with attachmentsA few more models. Even More Models
  • Once you have a Robot built, start practicing programming. Don't worry about using sensors. You can do most challenges without them. Concentrate on movements and manipulating a third motor. Here are some good programming guides - EV3 Lessons
  • Here are some Programming Lessons. Remember to simplify tasks as much as possible. Most Rookie teams will only be able to score about 100 points on the Qualifying Tournaments.
  • This is a GREAT resource complete with Specific Lesson Plans for Competing in FIRST LEGO League. We have our Canadian friends to thank for these. You must create an account, but they are free.
  • Hydro Dynamics Challenge Available August 29

E-mail me with Questions

Baltazar Perez