Earn your Robotics Merit Badge

We also offer programs for Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts!

Material Provided by Smart Mind Robotics

Aside from our Robotics Instructor, we will bring enough equipment so that all scouts have a chance to build and program a Robot. Each scout will also receive a folder to keep, which includes their Engineering Notebook and all the facts about Robotics that will be talked about during the session.

Merit Badge Badge Requirements - This can be covered in a single day



Explain and anticipate Hazards when working with Robots. Discuss prevention of Injuries when working with Robots


Robotics Industry

Know the following -

  • Kinds of things Robots can do today
  • Similarities between RC, Telerobots and Autonomous
  • Different methods Robots can move themselves other than wheels or tracks

General Knowledge

Explain three of the five major fields of Robotics - Human/Robot Interface, Mobility, Manipulation, Programming, Sensors.


Design, Build, Program, Test

Do each of the following-

  • Choose a Task for the Robot you will build and document it
  • Design and document your Robot that will utilize Programming and Sensors plus movement with at least 2 degrees of freedom
  • Build your Robot and have it perform your task
  • Discuss and explain your programming
  • Test your Robot once again and draw a sketch of your robot plus explain how it could be further improved.


Learn about three youth Robotics Competitions, including type of competition, time commitments, age of participants and how many teams are involved.



Name three careers in Robotics. Pick one and explain education, training, experience required for the profession.